Most of these pages are long gone, the Facebook group remains the bext place for info, its still busy in 2024 :)
  • Facbook Group - nice and busy, lots of pics and stuff

  • The Forward 4 Wiz Trust site - News and info on the trust set up to remember Wiz.

  • Ipanema site - New Ipanema page

  • Wikipedia Ipanema page

  • Wikipedia Mega City Four page

  • Gerry's webcast & chatroom for The Rooms Gerrys current web project.

  •" MC4 myspace Myspace site for Mega City Four

  • Boss Tuneage - record co who are donating all proceeds of Ipanema's self titled anthology to the Forward 4 Wiz Trust

  • Read about the band... Exclusive book by Independant Music Press

  • Jesus Jones - still going, new stuff due sometime in 2012 ?

  • Things Good Sensless Things site, loads of info.

A very small Zoomer (Bristol band with Seers frontman 'spider') page I made in 2001 but apparently didn't upload anywhere - still a work in progress :)

Do you have a music related page? Send me the URL and I'll put a link up here.

last checked January 23rd 2024